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Become Leaders of Tomorrow!

We're looking for students with an innate passion for leadership and marketing, students who aspire to go above and beyond what’s expected. We’ll provide the tools and training so you can develop and refine the right skills you need to kickstart your career.


  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills! Participate in Strategic and operational marketing plan.
  • Learn and develop communication, teaching, and leadership skills.
  • Work closely with college, university teachers and professors.
  • Build your profile and get the right skills that could just land you that dream job.
  • Create a name for yourself and network with a great team of people within one of the most significant online and offline communities ever.
  • Hiring Opportunities by VLG Connect and its associates.


  • Coordinate with our support team to spread the word and increase visibility of our Products.
  • Coordinate with our support team to spread the word and increase visibility of our Products.
  • Conduct surveys and gather feedback on initiatives operating under Admit Desk and suggestions on how to improve and prove them beneficial to the masses.
  • Improve your communication skills and prepare yourself for future career needs by conducting presentations and webinars in nearby schools and colleges.
  • Appoint Student Partners in other colleges as required. Improve your literary skills by contributing articles, videos to VLG Connect Community.
  • Stay in touch and communicate on a regular basis via phone, fax, email, with regional Student Partners ensuring coordination and success of the initiative.

Incentive and Rewards

  • Monthly Stipend.
  • Certification - Get a Campus Ambassador Certificate after successful completion of the program.
  • Goodies - Receive VLG Connect merchandise and goodies ranging from mobile recharges, mugs, t-shirts, caps etc.
  • Flash Your VLG Connect Identity! You can credit yourself as a VLG Connect Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, Linkedin profile, blogs and personal pages.
  • Letter of Recommendation and Free consultancy for higher education in universities across the globe

Become a Campus Ambassador

Verified Leads, wider candidate Reach, Quick Accessibility to Quality Talent, Optimize Application
Portfolio Management Cost.

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