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  • Posted Date: 15 April 2019

Want to become a Canadian Citizen legally? Connect with VLG Connect Today

The procedure of obtaining a Canadian citizenship is nothing but called as a naturalization. According
to the citizenship act, the permanent residents have to reside inside Canada for at least three to five
years before applying for the citizenship. A new amendment in the law took place in the year 2017,
which make the procedure faster.
According to the new amendment in 2017, If a person was living in Canada on Study Visa or a
protected person, they can count up to 365 days of the time as a temporary resident.
If you are a permanent resident of Canada and want to be an official Canadian Citizen, you should
follow these six steps to get the Canadian Citizenship.

Step 1
Check Eligibility

• Must live in Canada at least 3 years within 5 years
• Must be a Permanent Resident
• Should know English or French Language
• Should take Citizenship Test
• Should have filed Income Taxes 3 out of 5 years

Step 2
Fill Application

There are 3 different Canadian Applications for adults, for minors and for Canadian Armed Forces.
Fill up all the columns and send it to CIC along with necessary documents of eligibility that fulfills the
points in step 1.

Step 3
Check the processing time

Basing on the region of your application, it will be considered as a routine or non-routine and will
affect the processing time.
If your application is considered as ‘routine’ means no additional documents required and you have
passed the test and processing might take 24 months.

If your application is considered as ‘non-routine’ means more documents, proof of residency, failing
of citizen test and required hearing before the citizenship judge and the processing takes up to 36

Step 4

You will receive a confirmation while your application is being processed. The second notice will be
sent inviting you to a CIC office for an interview along with the documents specified or advised in

Step 5
Get ready for the test

A test will be conducted by CIC and a detailed study guide will be provided to the applicants for the
preparation. The guide contains, citizens rights and other information. A notice will be released for
the date of the exam and fee. You can also reschedule the test f you are unable to attend the test
with a valid reason.

Step 6
Citizenship Oath Ceremony

Once you have passed the above test, you should take the oath of citizenship. The ceremony will be
within six months after you passed your test.

Follow the above steps to become a Canadian Citizen. If you need any assistance or service to avoid
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