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  • Posted Date: 15 April 2019

If you are looking for a permanent residence in Canada through an investor visa, you should go through the provincial Nominee Programs which has investor categories that are available for business immigrants. The Ontario immigrant Nominee Program and Manitoba Business Investor Stream are some of the Investor visa programs Ontario Corporate Stream If your business can develop the Ontario’s economy, your key staff will also be allowed to apply for a work permit of the proposal is approved by the OINP. There are many corporation and investment requirements that must be considered for the program are as follows.

Corporation Requirements  Must be established at least 36 months from the time of the application submission.  Sole, Public and partnership corporate structures.

Investment requirements  Minimum $5 Million investment from the corporation for the expansion of the current business in province.  Legally obtained funds & significant benefit to Ontario’s economy

Job creation requirements  Corporation must create 5 permanent or full time jobs for Canadian Citizens.  The wage rates must be in line with industry standards

Manitoba Business Investor Stream

Manitoba Business Investor Stream has two ways to receive an investor visa. The first one is an Entrepreneur Pathway and Farm Investor Pathway. The Entrepreneur pathway empowers the province to nominate and recruit business people who has relevant skills, experience to start and manage the existing business in the province. The Farm Investor Pathway for the people who produce primary products that are related to farm industry.

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