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  • Posted Date: 15 April 2019

If you are a student who is already attended the university in your native country and want to study the remaining semesters at a globally accredited college in Canada, Student Exchange Program will help. VLG Connect offers you the refined search where you can find the right college or universities that allows the admission through student exchange program with ease.

Procedure for Student Exchange Program
The very first thing you should get is the placement confirmation from the Canadian Institution which will provide a letter of acceptance with a detailed instruction regarding the entry process, One should complete the forms in time.

You will need a study permit if you are planning to exchange to Canada for more than 6 month or intend to seek employment on campus while on exchange.

US Citizens and Permanent US residents can apply for study permit through Canadian visa office or at a port of entry. The students with other than US or Canadian passport and coming to Canada for less than 6 months should need a TRV- Temporary Resident Visa oreTA.

In order to get eligibility for the study permit, you should prove that you have enough resources to pay the fee and expenses as well as you should satisfy all the rules and regulations that are comes under the Student Exchange program.

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