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  • Posted Date: 15 April 2019

Become an international student and experience global education standards!!

If you are planning to study in Canada, You need to apply for a Canadian Study Permit which is nothing but a Student Visa for the duration of your stay. If your education course is just for six months or less, you do not require the Canadian study permit. If you have the Canadian Study Permit, you should also need a Student Visa as study permit isn’t enough to enter Canada, you can renew and continue your studies and even allowed to work part time or full time on campus.

First things first
Boost your Career with a Right choice!
The very first thing you plan to study in Canada is to choose the right program and the right university based on your skills and qualifications. VLG Connect helps you to know the best fit for your career. Al you need to do is to register and set up your profile on VLG connect and find the best program and university using top filters. Once you got the clarity about which college or course you are into, its time to check whether you need a Canadian Student permit and Student visa to Canada.

Want to know how to apply for a Canadian Study Permit? Here is what you are looking for.

Canadian Study Permit can be applied both online and offline. The paper application will take a long time. If you are looking for assistance, you can avail the service from VLG connect and get your Study Permit in a simple way with our professional services.

Follow this Flowchart to get your Study Permit
Step 1
Apply for admission to universities
In order to study in Canada, you should get the admission approval letter or offer letter from the concerned university or college you want to study in. Apply through VLG Connect with a single profile at one shot.
Required Documents for Step 1
• Academic Certificates
• ID proofs
• Passport copy

• Language Proficiency score
• Offer letter

Step 2
Tuition Fee Payment
After the acceptance of your application at university, You need to pay mentioned tuition fee in the offer letter. The payment should be made through International Wire transfer. After receiving your fee, universities will process your payment and provide you a receipt which should be lodged during Canada student Visa application. Required Documents Tuition Fee Payment Receipt

Step 3

GIC means Guaranteed Investment Certificate which is a compulsory requirement that can be obtained or purchased from any of the participating banks. The charges cannot be redeemed. Documents Required ID Proofs

Step 4
Medical Tests

You need to take the Medical examination from a Doctor approved by the Canadian government which is required while applying for Visa.
Documents required
• Offer letter
• ID proofs

Step 5
Get ready with Visa Checklist

• Student Permit Visa Form
• Original valid passport with a photocopy (If your course duration is more than 6 months)
• Acceptance letter from your college
• Representative form

• Proficiency test score
• Academic documents
• Tuition fee receipt
• Evidence of GIC purchase
• Student Questionnaire
• Medical reports

Step 6
Final Destination

After the approval of your Study permit and temporary resident Visa, You can follow up the further preparations to start to your dream destination to explore the career opportunities with global education.

Connect with VLG Connect for simplified processing and best support to your dream study. Register today and set up your profile to avail our services.